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  • Year:  2017 
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  • Lenght: 2 hours 2 minutes
  • Film Producer: Chad Stahelski
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  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
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    John is killing all of the guards of Abram before he eventually gets to his automobile. A whole mess of Abram's goons begin assaulting John, as he drives away. His car gets banged up, as well as the henchmen slam with their automobiles, prior to making his way to the office of Abram, but the guy is consistent and simply kills all of the goons. John just pours himself and Abram a drink.

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However, Aurelio maintains it can be fixed by him. John reburies his weapons as he believes he's finished with all the assassin life after he leaves. He sees a video on his late wife Helen and his telephone of himself. After that night, John is seen by another assassin. He presents a mark to John that John gave him, which will be basically a blood pledge used to escape the assassin life when he determined to be with Helen. Despite knowing full well what is going to occur if he does so, John refuses. Santino leaves the house of John and after that catches an RPG launcher to ruin the house of John. Happily, this time is survived by the dog.

John Wick: Chapter 2 torrent

John goes to the Continental resort to satisfy with Winston what Santino has requested of him and to go over the mark. Since the pledge was taken by John Winston cannot do anything, and his life is going to be up for grabs when he continues to deny it. John leaves the dog in the attention of the resort's concierge, Charon and then heads off. John heads off to finish the job. He stays in the Continental there, possessed by Julius. John and several individuals subsequently meet to get.

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John attends a celebration which is fundamentally Gianna's "coronation". Her faithful bodyguard Cassian accompanies her. John faces Gianna alone. He tells her that he was sent by Santino. Slits her wrists and she decides to expire on her own terms. As she expires, Gianna puts in a pool. John places a bullet in her head to allow it to be seem like he killed her and holds her hand.

John is spotted by Cassian as he's leaving. Understanding John is working Cassian attempts drawing on his gun but John is quicker. He begins killing the other hitmen that go after is dead and gets away. John shoots them dead as he gets away. Cassian and he catches up to him and fight up until they crash by means of a window of the Continental. Since no blood could possibly be shed on reasons that are Continental, Cassian and John sit in the pub to calm their nerves.

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The mark is explained by John and that Santino sent his sister to be killed by him. Cassian comprehends but cannot let his ward's killer. He pays for the drink of John and leaves. John subsequently sees the mute bodyguard of Santino, Ares. The contract goes out to all of the concealed assassins in your community. A violinist in the metro pulls a gun in the violin out and attempts to kill John, however she is subdued by him and breaks her neck.

A heavyset Asian guy gets his brains blown out and goes after John. Two guys in the metro make an effort to get in on it, and they are viciously killed by John having a PENCIL. John is found by Cassian as he fights him and gets on the metro. John shoves the knife and stabs Cassian. The janitors are killed by the displaced assassin.

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