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  • Year:  2015 
  • Quality:  BRRip 
  • Resolution:  1080p Full HD 
  • Audio: The Martian download torrent in English language English
  • Lenght: 2 hours 24 minutes
  • Film Producer: Ridley Scott
  • IMDB Rating: 8.1 from 10
  • Release Date: 11 September
  • Download Size: 2.50 GB
  • Downloads: 293
  • Views: 3167
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Drama
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    The astronauts join forces with a global coalition of scientists to establish a rescue mission and he left behind recognize the severity of his predicament. Watney treks back to the crew's home base, and awakens another day, injured but still living. All contact to NASA continues to be lost in the thunderstorm, and Watney soon recognizes that not only is he stuck on the Red Planet with infrastructure and small supplies, but that it could be years before another manned mission will arrive to save him.

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Watney instantly starts work on developing sustainable sources of food and water, using his remarkable set of botanic and scientific abilities to create a greenhouse that is working. He also discovers that, so that you can be seen by NASA, he must repair the Rover left behind so that it can go to the region of the planet which will host another assignment. On Earth, NASA scientists see the motion of pods and the Ares vehicles left on the earth, and discover that Watney is changing the base to supply extensive shelter and endured the storm. They make contact with him using a sign transponder that is hidden, and transfer the focus of the whole bureau toward mounting a rescue mission.

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The brain trust at NASA consider their alternatives for saving Watney contemplating the possible PR disaster that may come with any choice they make. NASA head Teddy Sanders clashes with Assignment Chief Vincent Kapoor over potential strategies, along with whether to tell the remaining Ares 3 crew that Watney is really still living. Kapoor works with programmers to rapidly construct a spacecraft full of life sustaining supplies, that will keep Watney living until the Ares 4 assignment reaches him in four years' time.

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Foregoing security precautions because of time constraints, this unmanned mission is a catastrophe, which drives NASA to reach out to the Chinese government for help that is technological. When covertly notified of the notion via an encrypted email, Lewis and her crew instantly change course to follow the strategy, driving the hand of NASA in helping this unlikely rescue mission of Purnell. Remaining true to the 2011 novel of Andy Weir, director Ridley Scott's astonishingly light show is a science-significant study of one man's dedication to return home.

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Watney is much more focused on technical wizardry and cracking wise about his plight of being stranded on Mars as opposed to existential crisis. Even during his video-diary entries, which he understands will probably never be seen by another human being, he relies to cope with the crushing odds. It is a smart means to sidestep the normal word picture you'd expect from a character in this scenario, enabling The Martian to opt out of the emotional turbulence of a film like Cast Away, as well as the despair of the move in Interstellar of Damon.

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