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  • Year:  2016 
  • Quality:  WEB-DL 
  • Resolution:  1080p Full HD 
  • Audio: Lights Out download torrent in English language English
  • Lenght: 1 hour 21 minutes
  • Film Producer: David F. Sandberg
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9 from 10
  • Release Date: 8 June
  • Download Size: 2.22 GB
  • Downloads: 167
  • Views: 2036
  • Genre: Horror
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    Young man must be protected by a young woman from a terrifying apparition that shows in total darkness. Afterwards, she understands this fearsome thing is linked to her ill mother, who has began hallucinating dialogues with a mysterious figure. Alexander DiPersia and Billy Burke costar.

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Summer genre film Lights Out is about fear of the dark, as one might deduce from its name. Nevertheless, a well-written script, a cast that is good, and an allegorical that is intriguing take on the theory help elevate this unique movie. And at a lively 81 minutes, it does not overstay its welcome, making it a pleasant alternative to your typical hit that is bloated.

Lights Out torrent

A young lad named when he's targeted by a malevolent force, which invades Martin is still grieving the passing of his dad. Rebecca, Martin's semi-estranged older sister, decides to return home to shield Martin and get to the bottom of the unnatural action, and recognizes that she was harassed by similar disruptions as a kid. Upon further investigation, she learns chilling details about the past and symbiotic relationship with the terrifying spirit, which may only show in total darkness of her mom.

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The ghost hunting finally takes a backseat to the terror of a family trapped in dysfunction -- something that gets under your skin much more profoundly than any conflicts with a poltergeist while practical effects help make the spectral creature feel creepy. The core characters are fascinating, and their relationships are well-built; specifically, Teresa Palmer shines in the character of Rebecca, who's a female protagonist that is defective yet compelling. It is also refreshing the characters do not cling to any drawn out doubt regarding the paranormal action: The storyline removes much of the exasperating build-up that can make these movies drag and cuts to the chase.

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Yet the choice to give attention to motherly and genetic bonds instead of exorcisms and complex rites of the movie gives it an extremely distinct feel out of your typical horror movie. Also worth noticing: Look out for a hilariously over the top chase scene featuring the phantom towards the ending and Bret.

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