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  • Year:  2016 
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  • Lenght: 1 hour 55 minutes
  • Film Producer: Scott Derrickson
  • IMDB Rating: 7.9 from 10
  • Release Date: 4 November
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  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure
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    Following an automobile accident leaves him with nerve damage that stops his career as a Fresh York neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange travels in the hope of finding an otherworldly treatment for his injuries to Kathmandu. There, a strong mystic trains him and called the Ancient One accepts him as her student. Strange must use his new powers to prevent a competitor by getting the Dark Dimension, from causing chaos.

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Transferring its focus from printed comic strips to the picture world, Marvel has turned into a cinematic powerhouse in recent years - in 2017 they will begin releasing three, as well as they are now releasing two films annually. In a departure in the fabled behemoth which is The Avengers, Marvel's Doctor Strange offers up a good old-fashioned origin story for just one of its lesser-known characters. Upon arriving in Kamar-Taj, he meets with the Ancient One, and together they embark on a mysterious journey so that you can use the energy of magic to cure his body and, incidentally, travel through time and space.

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Seems wonderful, right? Also it's, except for one little issue: Kaecilius, among the Ancient One's rogue disciples, wants to utilize his wisdom to subvert the conventions of time and gain immortality from "the black measurement," wreaking havoc on the planet as we all know it in the procedure. A crazy, scifi, time-bending struggle between good and evil ensues. As we have begun to anticipate, Marvel has delivered another amusing, action-packed hit.

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The center of the movie is its gifted cast: Fast smooth and speaking, Cumberbatch brings his customary sophistication that is peculiar to the titular character, but Mikkelsen steals the show as his adversary. Mikkelsen adds nuance, levity, and intrigue to his portrayal though his villainous character is underdeveloped, and you may be left wanting more Kaecilius. Swinton is, as always, a joy, even though it's disheartening to find out Marvel whitewash a canonically Tibetan character, a selection that basically gives the ethnic origins of the mythos of the narrative.

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Overall, Doctor Strange takes the superhero activity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to another measurement, all while staying relatively loyal to the beginnings that are amusing. Place Easter eggs, it ties to the universe of The Avengers and Guardians with several interesting-to- though not the most profound of pictures, and provides audiences with the entertaining two hours. Oh, and make sure you stay around through the credit sequence for not one, but two teasers.

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