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  • Year:  2017 
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  • Audio: Baywatch download torrent in English language English
  • Lenght: 1 hour 56 minutes
  • Film Producer: Seth Gordon
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7 from 10
  • Release Date: 25 May
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  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Action
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    Baywatch introduces an elite team of Emerald Bay lifeguards led by Mitch Buchannon, the teams lieutenant who's beloved by his inferiors as well as the entire community he serves. Although Mitch chafes in the idea of allowing Brody on the team, Baywatch Captain Thorp insists.

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With his new team, after noticing more and more bags of flakka have washed up on the shore, Mitch begins to investigate the rise in drug activity. His investigation leads to the new owner of the beachfront resort that is expensive Victoria Leeds, The Huntley Club. As Mitch as well as another Baywatch team members dig deeper into Victorias dealings and connect the dots between the drugs as well as a number of deaths which have occurred on their beach, they discover a much more complicated operation. Since Mitch and his team aren't taken seriously from the local police, especially beat cop Ellerbee, it's up to Baywatch to truly save the day.

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If that's the case, Baywatch doesn't hit the mark though it needs to be noted 21 Jump Street set an incredibly high bar for beloved franchises revitalized for modern audiences. Besides the obvious comparisons involving the two buddy cop comedies based on popular TV series in the '80s/'90s, Baywatch tries to carve out its own niche in the action/comedy genre. However, regardless of the charm of Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson, Baywatch is an overlong comedy with notable action than humor.

Baywatch blends in inside the category of summer raunch comedies, without much in the way of its own humor to set it. There are the requisite penis and boob jokes, a great deal of gross-out humor, and also a couple of references to the Baywatch TV series which might be too overt to be tongue-in-cheek and, consequently, wind up falling flat. Certainly, you'll find lots of moments throughout Baywatch that'll prompt a laugh, but they're standard jokes and formulaic humor which were tested and proven by countless films before.

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While Efron brings necessary charisma to the arrogant and selfish Brody Johnson is believable as the beloved and charming Mitch. The heart of Baywatch rests on the shoulders of Johnson and Efron's characters as they evolve from an antagonistic mentor-mentee relationship to actual partners. However, while the dynamic between Johnson and Efron is likable enough, the writing of the characters isn't very strong Brody has a rather tragic backstory that's mostly glossed over, while Mitch's entire character is rooted in his job. Additionally, Baywatch attempts to impart a message regarding the importance of family and working together as a team, though it mostly gets lost in the humor and action of Mitch and Brody's adventure.

When it comes to supporting characters, Ronnie is positioned as the comedic relief, but winds up being a more integral section of the plot than some of the female lifeguards. Baywatch tries to be progressive in its portrayal of women in comedy giving the female lifeguards jokes of the own and by making the villain a woman. By the end of the day, C.J., Summer, and Stephanie look on and support their men as Mitch, Brody, and even Ronnie are the ones who really defeat the villain.

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For all its surface level progressiveness and humor that is formulaic, Baywatch does succeed in delivering some exciting and entertaining action sequences. Efron and Johnson work to bring for their roles, both for the scenes and also the action sequences on humorous. Despite Baywatch falling in the action/comedy genre-mixing category, the large scale set pieces are conflicting using the lighter overall tone of the film, too serious and giving an uneven feel to the movie.

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